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The proper functioning of the stratum corneum of the skin (stratum corneum) is paramount since regulates at least three major epidermal processes: a. The antimicrobial barrier, b. Homeostasis permeability barrier and c. The integrity / consistency of the skin barrier. The pH of the skin surface is from 5 to the outer layer to about 7 at the interface with the viable epidermis. Fluctuations in the pH of the stratum corneum than normal directly associated with impaired function of epidermal processes. It has been investigated and reported as having acidic pH of the stratum corneum (4-5) discourages the growth of pathogens while favoring the natural microflora of the skin, promotes optimal function of the permeability barrier of the skin and enhances the integrity of the to reduce and regulate the activity of enzymes that cause asynochi. Characteristic is that increasing the pH of the stratum corneum by only 0.5 unit can already cause anomalies in the integrity of the skin barrier. This fact is especially important for groups of people who are inherently increased pH of the skin, such as infants, the elderly and people with skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and sensitive skin. For these cases the maintenance or possibly the epidermis of the pH adjustment is particularly important.

The pH of the skin affected by endogenous and exogenous factors. The skin cleansers is one of these external factors. It has been reported most frequently as a relationship between the pH of the skin and the pH of the cleaning products are applied on the skin. For example, it has been shown that even single use product that is more alkaline pH, such as a soap bar, can increase the pH of the skin from 1.5 to 3 units. Besides the mentioned changes in skin pH, cleansers cause irritation, dryness, delipidation of the stratum corneum and abnormalities of the skin barrier function. These effects appear to be associated with both the pH of cleaning products, as well as to their composition. For example, it has been shown in research that formula based on a combination sodium laureth sulfate and cocamidopropyl betaine caused a greater change in pH of the skin by formula based on a combination cocamidopropyl betaine and lauryl glucoside, regardless of the pH of the formulation. In conclusion, cleaning products should not only have an optimal pH, about 4.5, and optimum composition and an appropriate combination of mild surfactants.


The stratum corneum neonatal keratinocytes is less than that of adults and higher water rates. This implies that the barrier of the skin of newborns, which has not been fully developed, it is much less so to make the skin more sensitive. Moreover, no protection is provided by the sebum, which is not yet developed, and the pH of the skin is higher, up to 6.5, as opposed to adults. When this incomplete and sensitive epidermal barrier neonatal reacts with the environment, causing further reduction in the thickness of the barrier, resulting in easier penetration of irritants and allergens, and easier drying. This caused irritation, dryness, atopic dermatitis and irritation from the diaper.

The cleaners contain surfactants which have prime fat burning abilities and can cause damage to the skin's lipid matrix. In neonates the grid is incomplete such damage yet larger format, so use mild cleaners to need even more necessary.

Furthermore, the stability of the lipid guard plate is favored by low pH. The influence of pH of the cleaning products Baby skin has not yet been fully studied, but is sure to attacking the mantle of the skin and disrupts its function, as has been observed for adults and as mentioned above. Although skincare and cleaning products with a pH close to normal in the market for more than 30 years, they still have not released many products for babies with a pH adjusted to normal skin acids grid.

Generally Baby skin has often no need for intense purification since it is contacted with bold stains and need non drying and non-irritating substances (especially as not stinging to the eyes or mouth). For these reasons, substances such as sulfosuccinates, betaines and alkyl polyglycosides are preferred.

To ensure the skin compatibility of the devices must nevertheless also be made correct use of the products. For example, for dry and eczematous skin daily bubble baths are not suitable. The water temperature in the bath should not rise above 35 ° C and the dose of cleaning agents should be prudent.

Specifically designed HELENVITA BABY SERIES

The series HELENVITA BABY designed to non disturbs and protects the delicate baby and children's skin. The cleaning products are divided into two categories

Lathering mild surfactants


Non foaming without surfactants


The two foaming products do not contain irritating surfactants sles-sls, which remove intense and violent oiliness of the protective layer and can cause dryness or irritation on delicate skin Baby. They contain only mild epifaneiodrasika from natural raw materials that respect the hydrolipidic layer of the skin and reduce the appearance of dryness or irritation after bathing. They have proven low irritancy and is ideal for sensitive skin.
The cleansing base of the foam and liquid baby Pharmex cleaning contains none of the surfactants with high irritancy (red scale)

The pH is adjusted to 5.5, as recommended by dermatologists in order not to disturb the process of the formation of the protective acid mantle encountered in adult skin.
The second category of cleaning products is specially designed for gentle cleaning during the first months of your baby's birth. Their base consisting of emollients and natural oils sedatives moisturize the skin while in contact with the water rinsed easily entraining contaminants. They do not contain surfactants not disrupt the stratum corneum. That is more gentle on the baby after purification unlike common detergents all the water has been replaced by hydrating and peripoiitika oils.

The series also consists of:
-krema change the diaper with zinc oxide to create protective inert film on the skin surface,
-prostateftiko emulsion with 30% natural poudra- powderless! - to protect the skin from perspiration and humidity
-enydatiko face and body lotion for skin gentle hydration.
All creams are free of silicones, petroleum (mineral oil and petrolatum), pegs, irritating preservatives and designed to contain the highest possible rates of natural nutritional oils and soothing extracts at pH compatible to skin.

They are enriched with:
Ø OMEGA BLUE (2%), cranberry oil. Cranberry The oil contains a very high proportion, above 50%, polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 in the optimum ratio. It is rich in soothing phytosterols and vitamin E and is ideal for rebuilding of the skin.

Ø COTTON EXTRACT (3%), symbol of softness and purity cotton extract is rich in protein, B vitamins and sugars that soften and soothe the skin.

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